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I’m a multi-faceted designer and have been working in graphics for  more than 18 years.  Born and raised in Mexico I started my own design studio in 2001 has given me a good working knowledge of how all the pieces of digital communication, marketing, video editing and applications come together to form a whole. During my career my roles have shifted to encompass all points of the process and being able to work and meet multicultural people. This experience has served to open a whole new perspective of the overall concept, including visual design and interact with clients or sometimes the final user. After coming to the Netherlands in 2009 I continued my work as a
freelance graphic designer.


My Design process always starts with a pencil and paper, brainstorming ideas and concepts, thinking about the problem and the solution. That ability to see the big picture as well concentrate on every detail of the design process  has given me the opportunity to experience working in many areas.

The results of being innovative  and curious but also maintaining a healthy respectful balance for the standard methodology in this industry, has allowed me to work with a broad cross section of clients, companies and projects on an  international scale. As a freelance sport journalist behind and in front of the camera gives me the knowledge of all media and social media that is involved.

My passion for design combined with the thirst for knowledge in mastering  new technologies has led me  to currently try my hand at video editing and the whole filming process. I’m a proficient in many areas of design and development. One of the things I love about my Job, is the great tools I get to work with every day,  Some of my skills include:


  • Logos & Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Stationery


  • Composing Photography

  • Retouching

  • Photograph Restoration


  • Social Media/ content creator

  • Video Editing

  • Photo-montages


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